Plan Now for Holiday Health

Already planning your Thanksgiving feast? Do you do the cooking or rely on a friend or family member to get that turkey on the table? Holiday parties already on the calendar? Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your holidays healthy.


Family gatherings, parties at the office, traveling are all sources of holiday food and holiday stress. We know that your health may not be first on your list but at least keep it in the back of your mind!

• Snack before you go. Pick something high in protein and low in sugar. Are you the host? Don’t pick while you cook!
• Choose your treats carefully. Splurge on things you really love and pass by those treats you don’t really want. Don’t eat, just to eat! Enjoy those things you really love (within reason).
• Be very conscious of your portion size. Bite-size portions of those party foods you crave may be just enough to satisfy that craving.
• You are there to mingle and enjoy the company of the people around you. Do it! Enjoy your family and friends, this will take the focus off of food.
• If you are hosting – share the leftovers! Get that party right out of your house!


Many people use the time Halloween to New Years to take an exercise hiatus. Bad idea, it is even more stressful this time of year, we eat and drink more. Exercise is essential in keeping not only the holiday pounds at bay but will also help you sleep better and stress less!

At Port Orange Chiropractic, we care about your overall health. If you have questions about how you may benefit from chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy, call our friendly staff at (386) 761-0520. We look forward to hearing from you.

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