Trying to Kick That Sugar Habit?

The foods we eat today are drastically different from what we ate even 30 years ago. In the past, we ate locally grown vegetables and fresh meats that were not filled with pesticides and antibiotics. Now, the norm is prepackaged, processed foods that are filled with empty calories and refined carbohydrates (think sugar). This leaves our bodies without important nutrients, this, in turn, leads to a blood sugar roller coaster. Research has proven that the food industry designs their products to be as addictive as possible. This is why it is so hard to avoid the allure of sugar-laden foods.

Because of our addiction to sugar and lack of eating quality foods, we are often deficient in the:

  • Magnesium: This is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body but one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. It can help to bring down cortisol and reduce stress levels. Great sources of magnesium include dark leafy greens.
  • Zinc: Low zinc can contribute to higher stress levels, so make sure to load up on shellfish such as oysters or nuts and seeds for a plant-based option.
  • Chromium: Low chromium can cause good cholesterol levels to drop, increased risk of insulin resistance, and raise triglyceride levels, so make sure to load up on chromium-rich foods such as broccoli, mushroom, green beans and seafood.
  • Iron: Being deficient in iron will leave you tired and reaching for the energy drinks. Try instead, spinach, grass-fed beef, broccoli and dark chocolate. To increase iron absorption, combine iron-rich foods with vitamin C-containing foods like leafy greens.
  • B vitamins: B vitamins are they essential for your brain to handle stress, and they are the fuel behind methylation, your body’s biochemical superhighway that is responsible for your ability to detox. Grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish are animal sources of B vitamins. They can also be found in leafy greens and avocados.

Getting off the sugar highway is not easy, it can be done with some thought and preparation. Instead of mindlessly reaching for what is available, think about what you are putting in your body. Feed your body!


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